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30 Days Of Free Bootstrapping!


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TechTrendsIT is a New Jersey based technology outsourcing company.

Their offshore software development services include Big Data, Application Lifecycle Management, Mobility, Cloud, UX Design, and Business Intelligence. TechTrendsIT has also established itself as one of the best mobile app developers New Jersey.

The company provides a 30 day free bootstrapping to their new clients, showcasing their capabilities while also providing a valuable service to the client.

30 Day-Bootstrapping

“Bootstrapping” generally denotes standing up or pulling yourself up by your own efforts.

This bootstrapping service from TechTrendsIT helps clients evaluate the relevance of their existing IT solutions, and finds ways they can continue using them, all the while integrating new technologies gradually within the system.

Rewrite, Or Rescue?

Old software programs—that have been in use for a long time—might contain bugs and other problems, making the processing of information slow. This limits the optimal usage of new technologies and infrastructure.

In that case, wouldn’t a rewrite or new coding be better? It would seem easier to rewrite rather than go through old, buggy code and sort out the problems. However, there are certain advantages to retaining the older programs and implementing changes gradually.

  • Current solutions have been used for a long time, proving their efficiency and utility in meeting the needs of the organization
  • The solutions would have been built over a long time, using a lot of time and effort and the skills of developers
  • The existing software has been built taking into account the evolving needs of the company, and thus it also encompasses a lot of business practices and systems unique to the organization
  • Rewriting the code could take more time and effort and the process my miss out some of the business rules and information needs met by the old program
  • Identifying the parts of the old software that work and focusing on rescuing the buggy parts can save a lot of time
  • Rescuing old code rather than rewriting frees up resources like developers time and skills to focus on new projects

The Rescue Process

To help the organization reap the benefits of the old programs, the rescue process involves many factors. TechTrendsIT’s bootstrapping team works in close collaboration with the client’s in-house development team.

Defining short-term goals and meeting them creates a positive mindset and encourages the team to move on towards other goals. Unit testing various components, finding and fixing problems helps in developing better coding practices. By decoupling components and reducing dependencies on the application server, the team is able to fix code components without disrupting the organization’s usage of the existing solutions.

Once the rescue process is over, after the 30-Days Bootstrapping, the TechTrendsIT Team then moves on to high-end consulting and development, integrating new components and solutions seamlessly with the existing code or gradually replacing old code with new in a transparent process.

TechTrendsIT also provides 30 Days of Bootstrapping for mobile development services, across multiple platforms.

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