Research Innovation

An In-Depth analysis using latest technology
An In-Depth analysis using latest technology

TechTrendsIT Research Innovation team has been established to catalyze proactive applied research to help solve industry’s technical problems and is positioned to address and contribute to the market and society needs.

The goals of the research team are to:

  • File patent applications in market-dependent countries
  • Assert relationship with multi-national research labs

Our research & development team works in a proactive manner to lay a foundation for work in a particular area and based on this foundational work, submits concrete proposals to client R&D. The research group is keen to offer applied research and development services and explicitly demonstrate the value added.

TechTrendsIT Research Innovation services are focused on several industry verticals and domains to study, research, and develop techniques that solve market critical problems. Our current areas of focus include:

  • Domain of Cloud Computing:
    Study of next generation cloud architecture for IT Systems in leading Industry domains transitioning to the new generation of cloud-based information service delivery through Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS). Our focus is to address challenges around large data transmission due to inadequate bandwidth; proprietarity of services and programming interfaces causing lock-in; severe problems with trust, security and privacy; varying capabilities in elasticity and scaling; lack of interoperation interfaces between CLOUD (resources and services) offerings and between CLOUDs and other infrastructures.
  • Domain of Mobility:
    Study of Near Field Communication (NFC), Augmented Reality, SocialLocalMobile (SoLoMo) and other emerging technologies in the world of mobile communications exploring newer ideas and opening untapped markets and revenue streams in the areas of mobile commerce, mobile wallet and other Industry speci¬fic mobile propositions.
  • Domain of Multimedia Technology:
    Study of comprehensive and supportive audio, video, and text processing leading to deep content analysis techniques
  • Domain of Next Generation Networks and Computational Systems:
    Study of next generation of networks, system and network virtualizations, and next generation services
  • Domain of Wireless Technology:
    Study of cognitive radio, software define radio, and multi-wireless networking
  • Domain of Education:
    Study, research, and develop tools and techniques to address the needs of a university, faculty members, students, and prospective students

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