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A peek into the doors of Apple and Google


The cold war between Apple and Google has been in the limelight for several years now. We at Techtrendsit hope to educate on you on how development, design and more are done at Apple and Google in a nutshell.

iOS development

Xcode is an integrated development environment that is used by Apple to develop software’s for iOS, Mac OS, Watch OS. It was released in the year 2003 and the latest version of this IDE is version 8.

Android development

Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) that is used by for android to develop there apps on different devices. It was released on Dec 2014.

How is designing done @Google & Apple?

Designing language used by Google

Material Designs is a design language used by Android to design their apps, it was developed in the year 2014. This design language uses grid based layouts, responsive animations, padding, and lighting and shadow effects to add to the design of their apps.

Designing language used by Apple

iOS Design is a design language used by Apple to design their apps, for iOS, Mac, ipad, Apple watch. This design language used negative spaces, large images, and frosted effects are used to add to their design of their apps.

Advantages of running an app on android

One of the biggest advantages of running an app is that you are exposed to an open source platform. These apps can run on multiple devices, which guides into targeting devices like TV sets, Cameras, Smart Watches, Laptops and even Refrigerators. The bug detection is far more efficient on android when compared with iOS. The Google store exposes you to a larger number of audiences comparatively, the updates on the app is also instant.

Advantages of running an app on iOS

The apps which run on the Apple store account to a higher revenue rate when compared to apps on the Google play store. The buying power of Apple users is higher when compared to android users. The cost of making the same app on Android can be a little higher compared to iOS, when take into consideration the number of devices it targets.

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