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Advanced Analytics – Culling actionable insights from big volumes of data

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Is your company grappling with large volumes of data? Is too much information becoming a hindrance to good decision making? One of the most important activities for any organization these days is to optimize business process and a very effective way to do this is to use analytics across various functions within the organization.

Let’s face it — with more data becoming readily available, the challenge for most organizations is to harness right information that will drive better results. So how does one gain crucial advantage over competitors through data and real time customer feedback?

Better understand the needs of your customer get actionable insights with TechTrendsIT’s R based analytic engine. Our platform provides end-to-end analytical solutions, including data mining, data strategy and predictive analytics to drive effectiveness and informed decision making.

See how our data-driven decision making are powering enterprises across the globe

  • Analytical solutions customized for your business
  • Focus on areas that give measurable returns
  • Resolve business problems and get competitive advantage
  • Improve your organization’s process with critical insights

Get Analytics – customized for your business from TechTrendsIT

At TechTrendsIT, we utilize advanced analytics to deliver results aligned with your business requirements, work across multiple industries to give result-driven action and provide timely, cost-effective results. Our proof lies in the bottomline. Over the years, through our R based analytic engine platform we have enabled enterprises to greatly improve their performances with critical insights.

We have been consistently raising the bar for customer satisfaction in retail sector and preventing supply chain bottlenecks in manufacturing.

Here’s a glimpse of how we do it:

Rise of Retail Analytics: From mapping consumer behavior on products via social media & blogs to analyzing purchase behavior, our Retail Analytics solutions are helping retailers roll out targeted promotions, maintain stock and increase business, thereby driving profitability. Our insight into shopping patterns and product shelf lifecycle not only drives marketing strategies but also improves operational efficiency.

Transforming Manufacturing with Analytics: With analytics making way into manufacturing, our solutions are not just ticking off the usual checklist — performance optimization, operational efficiency, supply bottlenecks or product tracking. Even before a product is put into production, we provide insights forecasting the demand of the particular product. Our solutions have been empowering manufacturing companies to make informed decisions based on demand patterns.

Mining insights from social media analytics: Is your social media strategy giving you measurable returns? With businesses going social, there is a paradigm shift from consumer engagement to conversions. The growth of user generated content from communities, chats, blogs, forums and comments is real fodder for harvesting useful insights. Our R based analytic engine provides the means to deliver data driven insights that have a profound effect on social strategies and business performance.

TechtrendsIT has been at the forefront, helping enterprises effectively use analytics and realize their goals and objectives. Our successful cross-industry engagements drive everyday businesses.


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