Advanced Analytics w/ Big Data

Analyze. Grow. Predict.
Analyze. Grow. Predict.
With our analytics platform we are able to infer meaningful insights from various types of data for decision making.

It’s based on:

  • R based analytic engine
  • Supporting integration with multiple web services, json etc.
  • R based platform runs on a cloud/big data cluster
  • Hadoop/batch integration

Benefits include:

  • In House developed tool to develop solutionsfor client
  • Fast, efficient , flexible and agile
  • From design to production very fast turnaround
  • Fully customizable for our clients
  • Developer friendly and comes with all batteries
  • Tools to get data for processing
  • Graphs to push/pull data
  • Processing – SEDA
  • Distributed grid execution for parallel processing
  • In memory analysis
  • GUI visualization
R- Integration :

Hadoop Integration: raw data converted to structured data

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