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Manage the digital evolution creatively!
Manage the digital evolution creatively!
Emerging business models, evolving culture and changing technologies are forcing media and entertainment companies to rapidly adapt and adopt the realities of this digital age. Today’s consumer preferences call for innovative means of content delivery, and to meet these demands, organization must quickly embrace innovative new operating models and IT platforms to stay ahead of the highly competitive game-changing new-age players. Most organizations are focused on maintaining current revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing agility as they are faced by major challenges like:
  • Loss of revenue from the traditional outlets
  • Ability to leverage new digital channels
  • Ability to respond and deliver quickly the right content at the right time to the right consumer
  • Plethora of technologies to choose from and prioritize
  • Innovative means of content delivery
  • Royalty and IP management
TechTrendsIT brings vast experience and successful expertise in providing innovative solutions to media and entertainment companies capitalize on new opportunities. From content creation to publishing to distribution, we participate at all levels through all stages in supporting our clients deliver their content effectively across media ensuring higher consumer loyalty while building an ‘addictive’ behavior. Achieving effectiveness through our U-Combinators™ approach, our offerings comprise:

Advertising and New Media
  • Advertising platforms, online and mobile advertising
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Design and development services
  • Enterprise content management systems and collaboration platform
  • Content creation, XML content transformation, content authoring and editorial systems
  • Custom book publishing, and learning and knowledge management
  • Subscription management, e-commerce, distribution and analytics
  • Assessment creation, delivery, administration, scoring and reporting solutions
Information Services
  • Content acquisition, ingestion and authoring
  • Content digitization, standardization, centralization and management
  • Information analytics, reporting and circulation systems
Entertainment (Film, music and gaming)
  • Theatrical distribution analytics, customer and product insights, and category management
  • Enterprise systems and business intelligence
  • Participation and residuals
  • Content monetization solutions and services
  • Multimedia design services

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