Drive the right customer experience!
Drive the right customer experience!
With this fast accelerating Industry, Automotive firms are faced with both opportunities and roadblocks to capitalize on this dynamic market. The road to success involves understand the new digital customer’s demands for innovation, quality, and price and delivery delight that impacts loyalty.

This means steering efficiently through R&D, production, sales and service functions, while increasing profitability. Some of the common challenges in the Automotive Industry that mandate a quicker adoption of technology and innovation are:
  • increasingly competitive environment
  • need for innovation
  • demanding digital-age consumers
  • green era
  • integrated vehicle technologies
  • lean value chain
TechTrendsIT through its U-Combinators™ approach facilitates:
  • Optimizing vendor and procurement management
  • Effective customer relationship management and loyalty program management
  • Effective service spare parts management
  • Efficient logistics management
  • Improved inventory turns & reduced inventory costs
  • Efficient (PLM) Product Life Cycle Management
  • Effective lean production management
  • Robust warranty management
  • Cloud enablement, moving from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Integrated digital deice solutions, Smartphones, Tablets etc., for effective reach and marketing
  • Social Media and Social RoI
  • Big Data, BI & Analytics

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