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Best Promotion Network for iOS Apps


best way to promote ios app

App developers for iOS are growing on a daily basis with over 600,000 apps in the iPhone Store alone. And as iPhone and iPad apps continue to drive in more developers to their very profitable platform, it all comes down to being noticed. Despite there being several means of making your app known and subsequent monetization, promotion of newly developed apps is a very challenging and a steep climb.

Best ways to promote ios apps

There are several ways to promote your app individually through channels that are cost-effective. Submitting your apps to major app review sites is one way to begin. Of course, this will only work in your favour if the app is quite good. Then you can leverage this publicity to your advantage. Popular social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google + and others are a good platform to promote your ios app to your multitude of contacts who you have a familiar relationship with and it costs nothing. There are other ways of getting your app reviewed such as blogs that discuss or vote on relevant technological trends. These avenues give you the opportunity to provide a free trial version for free and then offer the option of upgrading to the paid full version. These are all ways to promote your app with little or no money but the efficacy varies and so do the results.

However, if you would like to be truly professional about it, there are numerous specialist app promotion networks that you can approach. Paid advertising has traditionally been a very effective way to spread the word about your products and it applies to apps also. There is an increasing need for a proper marketing strategy for developers of apps. Despite the added costs of hiring a professional promotional network, there is a better chance your app becomes comparatively more discoverable. Usually these mobile ad networks charge on a cost per install basis or a cost per download basis. Sometimes they only charge for active users. Using specialists is crucial in competitive markets.

There is also the cross promotion strategy for developers that already have an app out there which has a user-base. This way you can promote your new app through your existing app. Surely enough this approach is effective in retaining customer or reinforcing customer loyalty but does not get new customers. You also have the option of cross-promoting with other developers in a mutually beneficial strategy of promoting each other.

Appflood is one of the most popular, commission free, cross-promotion networks that works on a smart algorithm for linking up developers that can exchange app installs with each other by buying, selling or trading users without paying any commission to the host. It allows the users to monitor and control every aspect of their app’s distribution and monetisation. NativeX has a more direct approach. They have a large customer base that they can expose your app to (about 100 million) and quickly build a sustainable user-base. The added benefit of working with them is that they offer creative advice and campaign optimisation services by delivering the right app promotion to user, thus increasing click and download propensity. Then there’s Appia that only charges the developer only for those users who truly want to try the app. They achieve a massive reach across several app networks on a regular basis. Developers also have the opportunity to set the marketing parameters such as demographics, price, platforms and other such criteria. Leadbolt is known for their innovative formats used in promotion and were awarded in 2013 as Best Mobile Ad Network. Besides giving the developer full control in customising his promotional campaign, they also track results and offer great analytics leading you to a quick payday.

Despite the multiple options available for promoting your ios app, you should base your choices entirely on your ultimate objectives and what you’re trying to achieve.

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