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Big Data Visualization: How to get more from your data with real-time dashboards



How do you go about maximizing the impact of big data? Looking for a way to visualize and map large amounts of data? Are you unable to gain timely insights or access to the right information due to data silos? Big Data is useless without any access to quality, actionable information faster. That’s why data visualization tools play a massive role in sifting just the right amount of information you need to drive discovery and informed decisions.

So what’s driving the growth of data visualization tools? You have a wealth of data at your fingertips today and with new data streaming in everyday, but it’s not easy to pare down what’s important. And it’s impossible to find patterns and clusters and observe key points to improve revenue generation. That’s where GUI Dashboard Visualization from TechTrendsIT can help. We help you make sense of data with tangible results.

With several happy customers across the globe, TechTrendsIT’s GUI Dashboard Visualization tool has not just helped enterprises in capturing the right information, but monitored business metrics, addresses real time issues and helped organizations in responding to key business challenges effectively.

How Data Visualization tool helps you get more from your data

  • Discover long-term business trends
  • Make better and faster decisions
  • Save time and money
  • Address real-time issues
  • Improve productivity by allowing your employees to focus on better areas

In the age of big data and analytics, visual data discovery and the need to analyze real-time live streaming data has become even more significant than before. With big data becoming a key component for organizations to stay competitive, actionable insights directly affect the bottom line. Given this scenario, it is imperative to have the right visualization dashboard for a better view of data.

Define the insights you are presenting and make them more understandable with data visualization techniques from TechTrendsIT. GUI Dashboard Visualization enables real time graph plotting and visualization processing at the more algorithmic level. So that you can spot trends you never saw before and uncover underlying patterns for that can help you become more profitable. We turn hours of long process into a 10-minute process, making sure you perform better and faster.

Turn big data into big insights with GUI Dashboard Visualization tool

  • Specialized graphs and charts
  • Visualization processing at the algorithmic level
  • Customization of graphs using a graphical flow
  • Simulations for more power and flexibility
  • Hypergraphs, tables, geocharts, Google maps
  • Timelines, gauges
  • Real time graph plotting

From customizable reports to specialized graphs and hypergraphs, our dashboard helps you capitalize on the latest trends and make information understandable.

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