Big Data

Increasing Data Volumes. Simplified
Increasing Data Volumes. Simplified
Big Data is the new business vernacular!
Volumes of data generated by today’s enterprise, including structured and unstructured data such as clickstream trails, point-of-sale data, mobile usage records, huge stores of data from social networks, and even sensors and surveillance data holds strategic value that is not easily available for organizations to analyze and capitalize.
Engage with Us, and reap the benefits.
TechTrendsIT accelerates realization of value from Big Data through comprehensive solutions for big data analytics. Our services, solutions and technologies coupled with our U-Combinators™ approach allows organizations to implement:
  • Robust analytics strategy
  • Better data visualization
  • Improved data management
  • Effective analytics for informed business decisions
We bring together a combination of our expertise and experience with proven technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL databases, MapReduce etc. integrated with traditional data warehouse and BI systems, powering the big data environment, to provide strategic analytical information that impact business growth.

We make Hadoop Easy!

TechTrendsIT services and solutions on Hadoop brings:

  • Complete Hadoop analytics platform from data ingestion, preparation, integration and orchestration to interactive visualization, exploration and prediction
  • Skilled and experienced teams that comprise, architects, consults, business analysts and data specialists
  • U-Combinators™ approach for rapid design, development and deployment

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