Client First Success Model

We measure the Un-Measurable
We measure the Un-Measurable
Our 360° Advantage: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. TechTrendsIT
A performance scorecard is used to measure the success of an outsourced engagement. It measures performance against a range of objectives that induces:
  • Services Levels
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction & User engagement
  • Desired Outcome with better ROI

This provides a balanced view of the health of the total relationship including technical measures to support the attainment of the strategic partnerships. Performance is tracked against preset levels on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on clients’ needs.
Why settle for 180° when we have 360°

Building the Next Gen Enterprise- Analyze, Predict & Grow (Big Data, BI, Analytics), Agile (Mobility), Effective (Cloud), Engage (Social).

  • Measuring Client Success with proven outsourcing model
  • Consumer Insights & User Experience
  • 360° Spectrum of Solutions: End to End Service Provider
  • ONE STOP Portfolio of Solutions for all your business needed
  • U-Combinators™ Approach for Innovative Solutions
  • Futuristic Accessible Simplified Technology (FAST )Approach Model
  • Predictable date with Predictable Outcome
  • First Open Source Approach Model
  • Unique Global Delivery Model
  • Flexible Engagement Model
  • R&D services across the technology spectrum
  • 4Rs( Right Product@ Right Time with Right Process for Right Cost
  • 30% Better ROI – Reduced Cost with Better Quality

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