Cloud Enablement

A cloud solution
A cloud solution

At TechTrendsIT we believe that cloud and consumerization will drive future technology strategy and help business grow effectively. We suggest and give a strong recommendation to our clients to consider a “cloud first policy” while designing and deploying web application and mobile applications.

We partner with Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace and other cloud enabling platforms and support you on your preferred cloud models, be it public, private or hybrid cloud, enabling you to better:

  • Strategize
  • Develop
  • Migrate
  • Test
  • Integrate
  • Deploy
  • Maintain
We deploy high-end architecture consulting and experienced business and technical professionals to provide:

Our core services

  • Cloud strategy and planning service
  • Cloud security architecture assessment and design service
  • Cloud performance assessment and tuning service
  • Cloud application architecture design service
  • Cloud data migration service
  • Cloud application migration/enablement service
  • Cloud application development service
  • Cloud application packaging & deployment service


  • Cloud testing services
  • Application testing service
  • Compliance testing service
  • Penetration testing service
  • Performance testing service
  • Impact analysis testing service
  • Readiness assessment service

Benefits you reap by engaging with us.
Our approach is to provide you with the right on-demand elasticity and ownership control under secure environment. Using our U-Combinators™ approach that comprise platform accelerators, enablers and our SaaS, PaaS and IaaS expertise we deliver key benefits to our clients, including:
  • Reduced cost and effective OPEX model
  • Accelerated Time-To-Benefit
  • Validating ideas early and early entry of products
  • Predictable outcome
  • High automation and flexibility
  • 30-40% better ROI

Key differentiators
Whether your need is to migrate your existing application or develop a new one or adopt proven processes in cloud computing,
our proficient experts help you make the right strategy, with the right technology choice and at the right cost.
Technology matrix

Our proven processes and vast experience through successful delivery has helped our clients mitigate risks and adopt the

right-mix of technologies for a quick and worry-free engagement.

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