Delivery Innovation

Delivery Innovation
Delivery Innovation
Flexible Delivery methodologies
At TechTrendsIT we follow the concept of hybrid delivery methodology, we believe that a combination of one or more and choosing what is right for the client and the project is key to our success. We are proud to be champions of agility and hence subscribe to Agile methodology of our face of delivery projects. We have expertise in:
  • Agile/Scrum – Iterative
  • Waterfall – Traditional V Model
FAST Model

TechTrendsIT Value Proposition can be best described as The FAST Emerging Model:

  • Futuristic Technologies : Smart solutions that are forward looking and built with the future in mind
  • Accessible Methodologies : Flexible, easily accessible, yet extremely reliable solutions
  • Simplified Solutions : Simple, yet highly efficient solutions
  • Technical Expertise : Our technical knowledge and practical experience in embedded technologies provides the best-customized solution for your individual needs
Built by Designers & Engineers
We strongly believe that a solution is built right when there is collaboration between designers and engineers for any project delivery with client. Designers have the gift of being able to represent ideas and solutions visually and to engage business owners and users. Engineers understand the value of human centered design and create the solutions which create a competitive advantage ahead of the technology curve which is simple and rapid.
Flexible Delivery Models

At TechTrendsIT we have experience in creating solutions for our clients in all the most popular models of delivery which include:

  • Software licencing
  • Open source
  • Outsourcing
  • Hybrid
  • Hybrid + Model
  • SaaS
  • Internet (google model)

At TechTrendsIT our mantra for any client engagement to deliver innovative solutions:

  • Right Product
  • @ Right Time
  • w/ Right Approach
  • for Right Cost
Predictable Outcome with Predictable Delivery
Predictability in outcomes, what the product is performing in the market as measured is critical to competitive advantage. Hence predictable outcome, predictable deliver with zero defects. We work with our clients in different engagement and operation models and put all stops to make them successful with our global collaborative multi-facet team to live by product release dates and code quality.

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