Enterprise Mobility Accelerator

Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility

With our FIRST APPROACH strategy we adhere to cross platform and cross channel architecture which makes our enterprise solutions mobile interface ready.

I want to build enterprise apps faster?

TechTrendsIT offers a unique solution which would significantly reduce the cost and time of App Development life cycle.

What do we offer?
  • Enterprise Backend server which seamless integrates with your existing database and application systems
  • Cross platform SDKs(android, iPhone, HTML5)
  • User interface kits which includes toolbars, buttons, images and icons
  • Customize using web based designer and native IDEs
  • Reusable business objects mapped to controllers and data sources
  • Pre built view templates for mobile layouts
  • Generating packages for cloud deployment
Benefits include:
  • Cloud based collaborative web designer supporting distributed development
  • Enterprise integration across popular databases, ERPs, middleware, authentication services and mobile payment gateways
  • Cross platform multi channel support
  • Complimenting native development tools
  • Deployment flexibility across apple and google app stores, enterprise app stores via MAM and MDM
The following features are in our Accelerator platform
  • Setup and management of app
  • Enterprise data source integration
  • Enterprise object modeling
  • Extensions
  • Enterprise security
  • Starter UI
  • Enterprise backend server
  • SDKS and APIs
  • Enterprise deployment

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