Glue – Enterprise Integration Platform

Reducing Business latencies!
Reducing Business latencies!

Our consolidated platform includes a process designer, web application studio, runtime process engine, rules engine. Along with the designer and runtime components it comes with integrated business activity monitoring console and web development component.

Our stack has the following components:

  • Cache Routing
  • Distributed computing (cloud, virtual , vmware, amazon, google, private clouds)
  • Process engineering (Business + Technical)

Event processing

  • Large scale analysis (hadoop, big data, HPC)
  • UI Design (Web based)
  • Process management
  • Software foundry set up and refactoring


Our platform features include

Cloud Based process designer

Supports free hand design

Key benefits include:
  • Single integration solution
  • Works well with java so existing java resources can be leveraged
  • No need for separate vendor solutions to manager, monitor and control
  • Advance mapper, rules engine and EAI engine
  • Full web based designer to facilitate direct deployment
  • Shorter development cycles with collaborative development
  • Cost saving on integration, control, management
  • Pattern oriented development helps reuse common business components
What is different in our platform?
  • First EAI solution along with full stack of required components
  • Innovative web designer
  • Code editor and innovative mapper

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