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Google Analytics App for iOS: Some features worth waiting for


As a developer, it is not sufficient to build a thoroughly captivating app and call it a day. The real work comes after the app is launched. Measuring the success of your product is one of the most important functions. This is dependent on data such as website visits, specific pages within the site that are frequented, app usage and so on. The ideal tool for this is Google Analytics. It comes with all the necessary monitoring tools that a marketer uses but many website owners and developers have increasingly embraced it because it allows them to define, measure, test and create features based on data analysis. App usage for specific features can be measured at low cost. It helps generate detailed statistical reports about web or mobile app usage. With the new official Google Analytics app launched for iOS powered devices, there is no need for companies to rely on third parties to acquire mobile access to analytics.

Google analytics app for ios

Once a Google Analytics account is created, companies the need to submit requisite details of the app they want to track. The specific tracking ID that is provided will facilitate this. Then the Google Analytics iOS SDK can be downloaded. Companies can then proceed to set up specific behavioural flags along with the tracker. This will help analyse the performance of particular features within the app itself. Fundamentally we are going to tap into its original purpose of measuring website page views and transpose it onto apps.

Some features of Google Analytics App for iOS that will be available to iOS users worth waiting for:

The availability of Google Analytics that is formatted to be mobile friendly means that data and reports can be accessed in real time. The intuitive user interface (UI) facilitates synchronisation of popular Google apps available for iOS. This enables users to simulatenously take full advantage of other Google products such as Google+, Gmail and many others.

To make things more interesting, Google Analytics has been made available as an iOS widget. Now you can receive all the data and overview of your app’s performance without all the hassles. Just swipe your finger and bring up the metrics. The metric include app users on a given day, visits on a given day, views on a given day, conversions on a given day , total conversions and many more.

Another captivating feature that is available with the Google Analytics app on iOS is a heat map of the page views. This way you can get a highlighted picture of peak successes during the week or the month in terms of visits or conversions. This will provide you further insight for better targeting of your marketing activities.

There is also the added advantage of being able to analyse multiple sites or apps. The only thing the companies need is different user accounts and they can log into each and check in on the performance of their various apps and sites. You can even receive reports that divide results based on whether they were achieved via paid or unpaid keywords. The depth of reporting is almost unprecedented and analysis has never been easier. This leaves a lot of time for the management to go deep into the metrics and uncover new strategic insights.

For those aesthetically inclined and pressed for time, the Google Analytics app optimises report layouts across all iOS devices for consistent user experience. This includes but is not limited to adjusting screen size, navigation and so on.

With these and more features constantly added and integrated onto the app, Google Analytics is one of the most robust, innovative and versatile tools available for those in iOS development services to consider.

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