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How To Make Your Business’ Mobile BI The Best In Class


How To Make Your Business’ Mobile BI The Best In Class

Software development for mobile Business Intelligence (BI) can be tricky—ask any developer, and they’ll tell you how hard it is to develop an app you’re completely satisfied with.

In fact, a recent study showed that close to 50% of the IT executives worldwide weren’t satisfied with their mobile business intelligence strategies. Another study—undertaken by TEKsystems, a technology services company—revealed that only 24% of IT leaders are either ‘extremely confident’ or ‘somewhat confident’ in their BI strategies.

Rachel Russell, the director of TEKsystems, said that “IT leaders do not feel that IT, the business and the enterprise as a whole, are in sync on strategy. This is a critical gap, as our experience shows enterprise-wide considerations and proactive workforce planning greatly increase the probability of a business initiative’s adoption and success.”

So how do you ensure that your company’s mobile BI is successful?

Start By Identifying Primary Users

As of now, the biggest adopters of mobile BI are sales organisations and executives.

In many organisations, it is the sales professionals who find access to relevant information, which helps them better serve their clients. If executives understand the value of mobile business intelligence itself, automating the rest of the organisation becomes easier.

Choose Mobile BI—And Choose It Now

Howard Dresner—respected industry expert and the author of Mobile Business Intelligence Market Study—stated that the fast uptake of mobile data-sharing strategies within a variety of organisations, shifts in the consumption of information, and advances in technology had led to mobile BI becoming the new platform for BI itself.

Choose A Vendor Wisely

When it comes to choosing a platform for your mobile BI, there are a number of options at hand.

Since there has recently been a continued usage of HTML 5, mainly used to support device-based caching, the constant battle between actually delivering the reporting and analytics remotely via a device-specific application or a Web-browser will definitely continue.

It’s best to select a BI application that offers flexibility. Whatever you choose, be sure that it meets the needs of the average information consumer.

Easy Is Key

Convenience and an easy-to-understand user interface are extremely important, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Especially when users are mobile, they don’t have the time to figure the software out.

So, it’s important that you make it easy for them, by providing features like filters and content search on your app.

Employing a mobile BI solution for your company is a great idea. Keep the above-mentioned factors in mind, and you should have a successful solution at hand.

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