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How to realize a true mobile first enterprise



Mobility in business is now a necessity. From putting business on the move to reshaping business models, enterprise wide mobility delivers exceptional value, boosts productivity and accelerates the decision making process. But most organizations are adopting mobility without fitting it into their business needs or understanding their comprehensive technology solutions.

While mobile is revolutionizing how companies work, organizations have to think and rethink the mobility strategy. Some of the key questions to bear in mind are: how are our competitors embracing mobility? How can I evaluate mobility and its cost-effectiveness? What is the right business process to mobilize?

Mobility, a fundamental requirement for every company brings huge profits, speeds up business process and enhances customer responsiveness, a mobile first enterprise helps maximize ROI and strengthens an organization’s performance with new, powerful mobility tools.

Define the business goals of your mobile initiative:

Organizations can engineer their mobile future by understanding management challenges, developing a comprehensive enterprise mobility strategy and identifying key business priorities and addressing the challenge of employee-owned devices. One of the key questions to address is whether a company will adopt a mobile-first enterprise on their own or in partnership with a provider. If an organization chooses to adopt mobility on its own, it stands the risk of incurring additional costs and hiring resources need to maintain the system.

Select the right business process to mobilize:

One of the key points to remember is mobility is not just about mobile devices; it is about business. It’s best to identify the processes which are best suited for mobile optimization.

BYOD is not the end solutions:

One of the driving factors of mobility, the BYOD trend has empowered the workforce to use their smartphones and tablets for business related activities. Most of the smartphones have excellent features that improve business agility and redefine the way we work. However, BYOD is just a tipping point for a mobile first experience. Organizations must learn to find out how employees can use their own devices while retaining access control and maintaining data security.

Mobilize existing business process:

Through mobility you can redefine the existing business process through a mobile-first approach. Identify key business processes that should be mobilized and gauge any requirements for external enterprise applications. Traditional business processes accessed through a desktop can be redesigned for Smartphones or Tablets in order to provide an optimal productivity experience.

With endless opportunities for mobile solutions for various business processes, organizations are quick to adopt the mobile-first enterprise approach.

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