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Increase Revenue In Your Mobile Application With These 5 Important Strategies


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In a world that is highly dependent on smartphones and tablets, e-tailers and service providers have taken to launching mobile apps to reach out to their customers. Simple strategies like designing a user-friendly layout and providing high functionality can conveniently attract more customers. A catchy name, a trendy theme, marketing through social media, and a captivating collection of photos, videos, and screenshots are some additional features you could look at to enhance your app.
You’ve probably already worked on these basic strategies while developing your application. Here are five more revenue-building strategies that you should consider to boost the number of downloads for your app.

1. First Impression
Once a user downloads your app, it’s essential to let them know its true value and why they shouldn’t uninstall it in a while. With an exemplary First Time User Experience (FTUE), customers are more likely to return to your app.
Provide a splash page—an additional pop-up screen—with all the necessary information that a first-time user would require, like the top features of your apps, and make sure it’s presented in an eye-catching manner as opposed to a drab list of points. This allows customers to consider opting for the push notifications on their phones, and also create an account with your app. Mobile app development companies with customers who have accounts on their apps tend to earn a greater revenue, by keeping them constantly engaged.

2. Personalization
Ensure customers are engaged to your app by providing personalized suggestions based on recent purchases and last viewed products. The recommendations you send out need to be relevant, and of course, valuable, to the customer. Personalized notifications, as opposed to generic ones that every app user receives, make the customer feel privileged and helps you retain them.
You can find several mobile strategy consulting services, New Jersey, that deliver metrics to analyse the necessary information to help you personalize recommendations.

3. Mobile Conversion
Now that you’ve achieved success in retaining and engaging customers to your mobile app, you need to encourage them to make purchases, which is the key goal of your app anyway. Ensure your abandoned carts are converted into purchases. Send out customized messages to customers with specific details about the product in their cart to promote purchases. Additionally, you can send out in-app and push notifications for an assured mobile conversion.

4. Extend To Social Media
Customers who are happy with your products and services are exceptionally generous when it comes to social media posts. With just one tweet, you are likely to gain more customers.
Social media is also a great convenience for advertising. When you post about the latest offers and discounts, your customers are very likely to share the post too. You can also extend your personalized recommendations to them on their computers when they’re browsing.

5. Retaining Users
While these are all great strategies to gain income through your mobile apps, they also help retain customers. However, using other concrete strategies to retain customers can be highly rewarding. Freemium, rewards, special discounts, integrating a “share” option, using deep linking, and providing an easy onboard-going process are some of the strategies you could incorporate. Reviews and feedback are the ultimate way to better your app and retain customers, as this allows you to provide customers with exactly what they need, and how they need it.

With these simple strategies and more, you can easily draw the attention of several customers to your application and watch your profits go up the ladder. Make sure you don’t go overboard with push-notifications or the in-app messages. The key to a great app is simplicity and convenience in usage.

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