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Develop ios apps on windows

The whole world is going mobile, and a large majority of people buying mobile devices prefer to go for Apple products. Over 700 million iPhones and over 170 million iPads had been sold by the end of 2015. Even with 4.6 million mobile device users in the world, the market penetration of Apple devices is quite staggering.

A lot of enterprises prefer using Apple products, especially the iPhone, as it has taken over from Blackberry the spot of a business standard mobile device. There is statistical data to back up this statement.

  • Apple’s IDE platform, Swift, is much easier to develop on than Eclipse, Android’s IDE platform
  • iOS app development is fairly straightforward and fast, requiring fewer lines of code than any other mobile device platform
  • There are limited versions of iOS, in comparison to the numerous versions of Android. This results in minimal device fragmentation

TechtrendsIT offers businesses customised iOS enterprise app development services for a huge variety of industry verticals. If you do not have an existing iOS device framework, we can develop iOS apps on Windows to give you an idea of what your apps can do. Whatever your enterprise mobility objectives are, we’ll work with you every step of the way, from conceptualising, developing, and testing. We use our expertise in the enterprise mobile app development sector to deliver end-to-end solutions for all your mobility needs.

While Android is a popular choice amongst consumers, when it comes to businesses, there is no other platform as versatile and robust as the iOS and no device as powerful as the iPhone. The iPad is also a great mobility tool to equip your workforce with at the ground level to increase accountability and productivity.


The iOS 8, which was released with the iPhone6 opened up a world of possibilities in the enterprise mobile app development market. The most advantageous feature of this release was that they could create apps which could be used on the earlier versions of iOS without a lot of code modification. By virtue of this, we can create apps for you that run across almost all iOS devices in the market now.

Both the iPhone and the iPad can be integrated into your organisation’s current processes and increase efficiency manifold. By creating native iOS apps with us, you stand to gain by employing fully customized and adaptable apps that meet your mobility strategy needs. TechtrendsIT offers enterprise iOS mobile application development services for -

  • iPhone apps
  • iPad apps
  • iOS strategy and mobility consultation
  • iOS app UI/UX

From the ideation stage to the point the app is integrated into your business, we offer you personalized services where our team will be in constant communication with you. We believe in sharing the reins with our clients to help them achieve the most out of their mobility investment.

If you have any requirements for iOS app development on Windows in New Jersey, contact TechtrendsIT for a mobility consultation to better understand your enterprise mobile app requirement and needs.

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