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Keep data secure and employees productive with managed office mobile apps


managed office mobile apps

Mobility is on the rise and here to stay. Companies want their employees to be always connected and be able to work on the go and not be limited to their desks. More employers, especially owners of small businesses, are favoring the idea of employees being able to work remotely from their own devices. Therefore, simple and secure way to allow employees better access to corporate resources is much sought after due to its cost-effectiveness. There is also the added advantage of employees being able to work from home which is less stressful than an office.

However, with cyber crime on the rise, remote networks cannot be left sloppy and insecure for hackers to wreak havoc. There are several precautions that business owners can take to ensure that they have the best of both worlds.

One of the most basic steps is to limit access based on the employee’s position in the company. Keeping data on a need-to-know basis ensures that not everyone is provided access to everything and that their data permissions and restrictions are dependent on their nature of work. This will have to be a management decision.

One of the most common practices by companies that allow remote access is the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) that allow access to internal IT systems for remote employees as if they were directly accessing it. The advantage of using VPNs is that the IT systems do not require any modification for remote access and as long the employees have their respective VPN pin numbers they can securely access data and perform their tasks unhindered.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption is another method that can be used to effectively protect sensitive data especially during online transactions. With the increased flexibility that mobile connectivity provides employees the option of working from not just their homes but anywhere with a WiFi. SSL certificate facilitates companies to protect their data from hackers and other cyber criminals.

Somewhat obvious but often overlooked is having a strong password. Many organisations today enforce strict password policies and have their devices programmed in such a way that the user must choose a complex password that will ensure data security and restricts access to other users in software development company. It must never be one that can be guessed easily. This can especially be an advantage in your blackberry or other Smartphone device is stolen or lost. In addition to this, incorporating a password policy where the old password expires over a duration of time (usually a month or three months) and the user is required to keep refreshing his password which also eliminates the possibility of someone else learning your password.

These are just a few fundamental measures companies can take to secure the data accessed by their employees via a multitude of devices in this era of growing mobility. There are other steps that can be taken. Many Mobile application development company including giants like Microsoft have Enterprise Mobility Suite that has the security feature built in. Also it is adaptable to all platforms. This way your employees can get their work done from anywhere and be productive all the while your data is secure.

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