Transforming the value chain!
Transforming the value chain!
A competitive environment and an ever increasing need for efficient cost management with continuous product quality improvement under increasing supply chain complexity are some of the crucial challenges faced by manufacturing industries today. Effective collaboration and constant communication is the key to enhanced customer satisfaction. Lean initiatives across the value chain from vendors to materials to R&D to production and quality to warehousing, transportation and delivery call for strategic planning and execution. Enterprises are productively adopting technology advancement to address:
  • reduced operational expenditure
  • process improvement
  • capacity optimization and increased efficiencies
  • maintaining and improving product quality
  • meeting safety and regulatory norms
  • improving overall customer satisfaction

TechTrendsIT helps move your business forward through its innovative solutions reinforced with years of experience in successfully delivering manufacturing solutions to leading global organizations. Our U-Combinators™ approach enables enterprises to realize quicker time-to-benefit through our unique Industry solutions and domain experts providing solutions around:
  • Demand driven supply chain – from vendors to operations to distribution to customer management
  • Innovation in collaboration
  • Process improvement and workflow management
  • Product portfolio management
  • Inventory, warehouse and logistics management
  • Manage compliance and regulatory standards
  • Customer relationship management
  • Service force, parts and warranty management
  • Digital device extensions, Smartphones, Tablets etc.
  • Cloud enablement & Open source platform solutions
  • Big Data, BI & Analytics

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