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Mobile App Or Website—What Should You Choose?


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As a small or medium business, this can be a make-or-break deal when you’re venturing into the mobile world.
Many businesses have profited from huge gains simply by taking the step into the mobile world. But a question that always remains on every entrepreneur’s mind is whether to build a mobile website or a mobile app.

Each has it’s own set of perks and pitfalls.

Mobile Website—What’s So Special?
As is obvious from the title, a mobile website is just a regular website that has been optimised for mobile viewing. It is usually designed and developed such that it can work across a range of devices without any compatibility or scaling issues.

Mobile websites are generally developed when the website doesn’t have any specific purpose that needs to be fulfilled. If your goal is to have interactive content that can be easily accessed, then the safer bet is to develop a mobile app.

Mobile App—The Latest Craze
In the current world, it seems like almost everyone is jumping onto the bandwagon of developing their own mobile app for their business. But before you start investing time and money into it, you should know what exactly this entails.

A mobile app is an application developed to provide exclusive or interactive content for the consumer. For example, an app developed for iOS devices would only be able to target consumers who use Apple devices.
For this, there are services and software kits to develop iOS apps on Windows. There are also number develop iOS apps on Windows that you can approach to help you with your requirements.

The app is generally available through device-specific portals such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc.

This means that you’ll have to build a separate app for each environment that you want to target. That is the major pitfall of developing a mobile application. The more you want to reach out, the more time and money it costs.

What Do You Need?
Depending on your requirements, you may either need a mobile website or app. It’s up to you to choose what is better for you. But here are a few pointers that can help you make a decision.
If you just want to present generic content to a wide range of audiences, then a mobile website is probably better.

A mobile website is to be considered if your aim is to just reach as broad an audience as possible.
A mobile app makes sense when you want to deliver specific content such as games or other interactive features.

Mobile apps are the way to go when your customers will be accessing content in a regular manner and also personalizing whatever they want to see.
If you wish to make your content accessible offline, then the default option is mobile app, since websites cannot be accessed offline.

Mobile websites are much more cost friendly than app development. This means that you can develop a website cheap if you’re starting out your business and need a web presence.

One final thing to consider—if you have the budget for both a website and app, then it makes sense to start out development on the website first. A website has a much longer lifespan than an app, and customers will usually access a website more than download a separate app.

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