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Mobile BI: The Smart Strategy For Today’s Smartphone-Driven World


Mobile BI

Whether you’re trying to book a cab to get home from work, or simply need an appointment with your favourite hairstylist, all you need to do is tap on the icon on your phone to avail the service. With several payment options also being made conveniently available on an app, more and more organisations are looking to extend their services to cell phones.
In a world that is increasingly dependent on smartphones and tablets for services that are beyond basic communication, Mobile BI plays an important role in developing mobile applications for use now as well as in the future.

What Is Mobile BI?
Mobile Business Intelligence is, simply put, a smart way of extending software designed for desktop usage to a more convenient platform—mobile phones.
BI applications started off by being shared to personal computers. With advancements in technology and development of newer devices, mobile BI was modified to fit the requirements of pagers and eventually smartphones and tablets.
Depending on screen size, resolution, memory, and processor, the mobile BI app varies from device to device. Both web as well as mobile platforms are frequently used, but the mobile BI is gaining popularity and support with tremendous changes seen in software development.

Benefits Of Strategic Mobile BI
With skilful planning and execution of the mobile BI strategy, you can ensure a guaranteed increase in the number of customers.

1) Enhanced Rates Of Success
With competition in the market skyrocketing, inculcating mobile business intelligence strategies into your programmes will up your game. Customers demand a quick and efficient service that can be accessed any time of the day; you provide them with an app that can be used right from their smartphones.
Using the mobile platform, you will be able to constantly update the app to stay ahead of changing market demands. You can also easily improve chances of upselling and cross-selling, along with the benefit of capitalising opportunities.

2) Enhanced Efficiency
Functioning completely in real time gives the advantage of efficient operational functions. With the real-time feature, crucial information regarding the working procedures are handy and making modifications in decisions pertaining to the organisation’s workflow is made easy. This saves time as well as resources for an organisation.

3) Enhanced Numbers Of Customers
A happy customer is the best mode of advertising. Impressed with the efficient services and hassle-free applications, your happy customer is sure to spread word among his circles and bring in more customers. The real-time updates from the mobile portal ensure service providers receive timely information to render changes. This not only improves the functioning of the app but also to meet customer requirements in time.

With mobile BI, you will be able to create a direct path to approach your customer while building a brand and recognition that enhances customer engagement and eventually helps gain their loyalty.

Mobile Business Intelligence is a budget-friendly strategy to win customers. Whether you are a budding startup or a full-fledged organisation, you can sketch out an app design that suits your monetary funds and target audience. With dynamic variations in the app, mobile BI is a strategy that ensures compatibility with mobile devices that will be made in the future.

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