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Must Know: How Mobile Apps can help increase Location-Based Sales for your Restaurants


There is consistent pressure on “mobile application development businesses” to incorporate digital transformations in their way of working. For critical services that required physical presence, such as banks, it is beyond important to provide mobile solutions for customers who are stretched with time and schedules. This sort of problem is not faced by restaurants and eateries. Most people have conventionally agreed that food-based services are very rarely affected by changes in technology. This conventional wisdom is being questioned in the age of social media and constant connectivity.

The essential changes in these models have arisen from technology that can interact with customers on a consistent basis without being too intrusive or irritating. An excellent example is how geo-location-based technology has been able leverage technology using notifications through devices like “iBeacon” which can help guide new customers in an area to a restaurant close by. The advantage of doing this with a native app designed for your own restaurant is that it can even allow you to share specific deals and promotions when you need to. This is a great way to give loyal customers more incentive to come to your restaurant.

While all of this seems like a stretch, numbers say otherwise. It has recently been found that over 60% of local searches on cell phone-based platforms turn into buying customers. This is a huge number and with effective geo-location-based strategies, it can lead to a sharp increase in numbers for a restaurant. Along with this, there is a definite preference for younger buyers to conduct transactions over the Internet or through payment-based apps. According to figures, Starbucks collected around 16% of their overall revenue in mobile phone payments which is a huge deal considering the revenue reported was over $10 billion. Therefore, an application can really mean all the difference when it comes to anticipating consumer behaviour and trends.

A strong advantage that an app provides is the ability to make reservations on the go. From the tried and tested phone call to check availability, tables and more, an app can actually facilitate multiple ways to easily reserve a table. By providing a space for exact instructions, the app also allows restaurant-goers to plan their day or event with more ease and this is significantly useful when explaining preferences. The personal touch this can help provide enables better customer interactivity. While it enables a better experience, the reservation is also automatically synced between the user and restaurant’s calendar’s ensuring easier cancellations or rescheduling. The process can help increase bookings and reservations by more than 10%, bringing in more revenue on any night!

When considering geo-location is that there can be a significant advantage to boosting reservations through location-based updates at outlets in multiple areas. This strategy can also help boost sales in outlets by offering location specific deals and more. This can also help in boosting sales and footfall for particular evenings. This sort of strategy works very well when the notification is timed such that it can catch people who are planning to head home after work and pull them into the restaurant.

A “native mobile app” can also allow users to place orders for takeaways, boosting that side of the business. Ordering through an app also makes order fulfilment easier since details and particulars can be shared online and items be made to order, helping efficiency and customer satisfaction. This, in turn means better service and faster turnarounds. Ordering through an app can take as little as 45 seconds to execute as opposed to a phone-based order which can take over two minutes. The facility also helps staff from having to remember individual preferences and orders, providing a more wholesome service experience. The system also helps minimise wastage and keep an accurate billing record.

All of these are only some of the ways in which geo-location based technology can help restaurants increase business. Customizing experience through iBeacon, offering deals and the availability to reserve tables, maintaining strong customer databases and interactivity through location-based interventions are all-important hallmarks of how geo-location and mobile application development will aid the restaurant business in the coming years.

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