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Now get your project off the ground with 30-day Bootstrapping


For the uninitiated, Bootstrap is an open source project first developed by Twitter to provide a consistent web page framework which allows easy flexibility for web application UIs. The main purpose of Bootstrap is to accelerate web applications and websites even the responsive ones.

At TechTrendsIT, the objective of 30-day Bootstrapping is to deliver a web application, responsive website or improve the quality of existing software in the shortest time frame possible. So far, TechTrendsIT has released many high quality products in a short time frame. Learn how you can get web applications, websites and development projects off the ground in just 30 days with 30-day Bootstrapping.

The 30 Day Bootstrapping Process

How do you bootstrap a software project riddled with poor design and implementation? Do you start from a scratch or make the application robust by continuous integration and a structured delivery process ensuring the right implementation with a swift turnaround.

At TechTrendsIT we follow a systematic approach to identify unresolved issues, fix bugs and save a considerable amount of time in development and delivery. Whether it is re-engineering an application or rewriting a code, delivering a modified application, the highly-skilled team at TechTrendsIT can rescue a project in its mid-lifecycle and put it back on track.

30 days bootstrapping

How it works

Analysis: Developing a project plan that can be executed and delivered with successful results.

Rewrite Vs Rescue: Identifying core functionality to determine whether the application should be rewritten and how best to incorporate new specifications for modified application.

Process Improvement: We make the application healthy by introducing continuous integration and streaming the build process and fixing emergency bugs.

Who needs 30 Day Bootstrapping Process?

Is your software project behind schedule, are you struggling with poor quality deliverables or do you need additional expertise? If so, 30 Day Bootstrapping process can bring your project under control and deliver successful results within the shortest time frame. Contact us today!

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