Open Web Collaborative Framework

Open source. Mobile ready. Cloud deployable.
Open source. Mobile ready. Cloud deployable.
An Open Approach
Open Source First Approach over the past decade has helped us create a web framework where we can assemble a wide variety of web applications and mobility ready applications. This platform is built for the purpose of creating custom web applications to create a rich set of features which include.
  • Collaboration
  • Dashboards
  • Portals
  • Rich User Experience
  • Interactive data analysis
  • Enterprise search
  • Video enabled platform
  • Social integration
  • Seamless administration

Our technology stack includes

  • Django/python web framework
  • Mysql database
  • Lucene search
  • Mobile accelerator platform
  • GUI visualization platform
  • Realtime streaming services
  • Caching systems
  • Messaging
  • Cloud deployment platform

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