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Predict the future with social media analytics


Social media analytics deals with gathering of data from various social media platforms like blogs, websites and conversations of the stakeholders which is then processed into a well arranged report on the way your business is working virtually. On the basis of these insights you can build up your business strategy, get insight on what needs to be done to build your brand as well as take decisions which will give you an edge over your competitors. As all the information which you receive through this tool is a result of media monitoring, and this is why social media analytics is also known as social media monitoring.

There is a popular misconception that social media analytics involves just the counting of the number of ‘followers, shares and likes’. Rather the fact is that social media analytics/ SMS measures the conversion rate of your business, what the customers think of your product and track other key performance indicators (KPI). The data thus collected helps you understand whether your business is moving on the right track and also areas which need improvement. This way you can easily predict the future of your business with SMA.

Some of the best social media analytics tools are as follows:

1.Google Analytics

It is free tool which is specifically designed to monitor, gather insight as well as analyze the insights across various social media platforms. This tool helps you understand the significance of the traffic which comes on your social sites as well as measures its impact on the purchase intent of the visitors to your site.


This is a full-featured social marketing tool which can help you place your business at a better position. In particular its tool named Social Studio you can easily listen and analyze the conversations on your social site and engage your customers in a better manner by giving tailored solutions to them. Social studio is also integrated with (salesforce’s ad platform), due to which you can effortlessly identify the leads and requests from your customers in real time.

3.Facebook Insights

This is one of the most popular SMA tools which helps you understand the overall performance of your FB pages by tracking the user interaction. Right from the number of “likes”, the reach of your posts, engagement metrics like clicks, comments and shares, Facebook Insights gives it all to you. With this data you can make informed decisions for your business, engage as well as broaden your client base in a better manner.

4.Twitter Analytics

With this free tool you can easily gather marketing insights, identify the tweets which performed well during a specific time period, total impressions, link clicks, re-tweets, favorites etc. Based on this information not only can you engage your customers in an improved manner, but also build up a foolproof business strategy for the forthcoming months.

5.LinkedIn Analytics

Along with information on total impressions, link clicks, re-tweets, favorites etc. you also get updates on organic and paid updates, and clicks/ likes/ comments etc generated through both sponsored and paid campaigns.

These are some of the most popular SMA tools. Several other SMA tools can also be used to predict the future of your business.

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