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See how Salesforce Communities platform from TechTrends are powering the BFSI industry across the globe

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While every industry has its own set of challenges, companies across the financial sector has to keep pace with the clients’ changing demands and build deeper relationships, cutting across time zones. With the emergence of new technologies and a marked shift from product-centric approach to customer-centric approach, banking and financial sector continuously needs to develop services that set them apart from their competition and better customer experience. The approach has to be two-pronged — build deeper connections with existing customers backed by an integrated multi-channel user experience and reach out to the next generation of customers.

Want to reach out to maximum customers and provide a seamless user experience? Our Salesforce communities platform allows you to use social channels to listen to what your customers are saying about you, respond to queries and provide answers. Transform your relationship with customers by engaging with them on a day-to-day basis and addressing their grievances, offering latest information and offers. Easy to use and cost-effective, Salesforce communities platform deliver greater value to customers for a better tomorrow.
Over the last few months, TechTrendsIT has handled several Salesforce Communities projects for clients across the banking and financial sector with successful results.

Here’s how Salesforce Communities can lend explosive growth:

1. Deliver world-class service by helping your customers get the right answers

Connect, share and access data seamlessly with Salesforce Communities platform. In Salesforce Communities, your customer success is the number #1 priority. Meet your customers’ most critical demands and prevent crisis. Most large enterprises have increased their business productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction by leveraging Communities platform.

2. Deliver a superior customer experience by listening, responding and innovating

Boost quality consumer engagement with social listening, understanding consumer behavior and rolling out targeted products that will be most profitable for your end-user. Tap into the power of social by building deep connections with customers and reach out to them effectively. Salesforce Communities allow you to build a socially connected organization, thereby maintaining deeper collaboration and engagement with users.

3. Expand customer base and boost bottomline ROI

In a highly competitive marketplace, banking and financial sector has to enhance the consumer experience and boost bottomline. Understand your customer better than ever by providing personalized and value-added services through enhances accessibility.
Our Salesforce communities solutions are powering the financial sector by providing new ways to stand out in the market, know the customer better, provide a seamless experience and drive profitability.

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