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Software testing trends to watch out in 2014


Competing in today’s ever-changing technological landscape presents complex challenges that can derail even the most successful organization. One of the most pivotal technology trends of 2014 is Quality Assurance. With the budget forecasted to reach 28% of the total IT budget as per a leading study, testing is crucial for achieving cost-optimization and efficiency. Rise of emerging technologies such as cloud and a proliferation of smartphones, tablets & social media have led to an increasing demand of usability, presenting bigger challenges to testers to ensure the end users get the functionality they really need.

Key emerging testing trends in 2014

Agile Testing will become increasingly popular: The continuous demand for effectiveness and efficiency has led to agile testing. Most companies are already executing projects with agile methodologies. Testing needs to adapt to the changing business landscape. In agile testing, the software is tested throughout the development cycle, finding defects in the development stage itself and ensuring the software meets the customer’s requirements.

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Cloud based Testing: Keeping in mind cost-efficiency & increasing flexibility, cloud based testing will gain focus in 2014. From reduced time-to-market for business applications to improved test quality, clod based testing services reduce errors and bugs considerably. Enterprises lacking sufficient testers can seek on-demand testing services in the cloud from independent testing services companies.

Mobile Testing: As mobile usage grows, the extremely dynamic market requires continuous testing of mobile products. Availability and response time for your mobile application are crucial for success. However, one of the greatest challenges for testers today is cross-platform software responsiveness across all platforms – iOS, Blackberry & Android.

Data Security: While most organizations believe their data is immune from data security risks, testing environments are less secure and exposed to internal threats. When it comes to cloud testing, security in the cloud is a major concern and the major threats is that the data may be stored in a remote location and the organization may not have any control over it.

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