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The Best Comparative Apps to Help You Sell More than the Competition


The Best Comparative Apps to Help You Sell  More than the Competition

The recent growth of the shopping and retail industry has fueled by incredible competition among brands and stores, both online and offline. Everyone is trying their best to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times, either by offering better discounts, creating unique sales packages, or by providing more loyalty bonuses.

The main challenge is getting word with the customer that shopping at your store is more beneficial than doing so at your competitor’s store.

The easiest way to do that is to stay on top of retail mobility trends and list your store on a price-comparison app. A price comparison app lets customer’s view, compare deals and offers on various products at different stores. These apps use a variety of methods to source data and present it to users in a way that makes it easier for them to find great deals.

Let’s take a look at the best price comparison apps that you can list your offers and products on, sorted according to the data collection method they employ.

Deal Aggregators

These apps can work by collating cross-store data about the deals and special value schemes on offer. Customers can easily see all kinds of discounts, coupons, rebates, and rewards offered by various stores and brands. There are some applications, which are using this method to give customers the freedom to choose from the best deals that are available in the market right now.

If you regularly run special offers and deals for your product or brand, apps like these are your best bet to ensure that your customers stay in the loop. These apps are also great if you have a loyalty rewards program, as it gives more incentive for regular customers to buy from your store.

Bar-Code Apps

Apps of this type work by scanning the barcode on a particular item, and then collecting data about prices at different stores, both online and offline. Some apps have this strategy to use in-built barcode scanners to give customers information about where they can find the lowest price for that particular item.

Some of these apps also give, customers location-based results. So that, they can find a store that’s close to them, without having to run another search engine query.

Smart Alert Apps

Many applications allow users to tag items they want to buy, so they can get real-time alerts whenever a retailer or a brand runs a discount or a special offer on that particular product or service.

By listing your offers and prices on these apps, you can increase the number of new customers who can see your offers as soon as you announce them. Some apps, can use location-based services to tell you about offers and prices the minute you step into a mall or a store.

As you can see, comparative shopping apps have completely transformed the way people shop. To make sure that you’re listed on these retail mobility apps ensures that you always sell more than your competitors are selling.

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