The FIRST Approach Strategy

A Cloud Frist Policy!
A Cloud Frist Policy!
Cloud First Strategy
At TechTrendsIT we believe that cloud and consumerization will drive future technology strategy and help business grow effectively. We suggest and give a strong recommendation to our clients to consider a “cloud first policy” while designing and deploying web application and mobile applications.
We partner with Amazon, Rackspace and other cloud enabling platforms. Be it public, private or hybrid cloud we support you strategize, develop and/or migrate, test, integrate, deploy and maintain your preferred cloud models. Our approach is to provide you with the right on-demand elasticity and ownership control under secure environment.

Open Source First Approach
At TechTrendsIT, our open source practice mainly focuses on application life cycle services in the following programming language which include Java/JEE, PHP, Perl & RoR.
We provide the following benefits to our clients which include Cost savings, control over software and date, open source marketing and rapid distribution.

Mobility First development – Be Mobile Ready: Architecting enterprise applications mobile ready!
At TechTrendsIT, we understand the mobile shift in industry to engage customers, employees and manage IT infrastructure and applications within the organization.

We do the following:

  • Make enterprise application data readily available for mobility and multi platform development
  • Multi channel consistency of information flow and cross platform
  • Mobile middleware in creating consistent mobile views
  • Making APIs easily discoverable and consumable
  • Managing access, data security, performance and external integrations simple

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