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Top 5 benefits Of Using iPhone Barcode Scanner Apps


Top 5 benefits Of Using iPhone Barcode Scanner Apps

All over the world, shoppers and retailers are embracing the use of iPhone barcode scanner apps. These apps are slowly, but surely, transforming the retail industry. Let’s take a look at how they can benefit you, as a retailer.

  1. Empowering Customers

    Bar-code scanner apps take control away from brands and hands it to the customer. Companies can no longer rely on just marketing and advertising, since these apps give your customers unfettered access to information about the product, and lets them see user reviews as well.

    Since shoppers get to do everything from shopping to billing to checking out, all on their own, it makes the experience a lot more personalised and satisfying. They also get access to coupons and rewards which give them more incentives to shop at a particular store.

  2. Establishing Relationships

    Using an intelligent clienteling app gives your retail sales associates the power to know everything about everything that happens on the retail floor.

    For example, at a clothing store, a customer comes up to an executive with a pair of trousers. They want to know if they can find the same design in a different colour or a different size. Instead of the executive having to manually search through the stocks till they find (or don’t find) the right piece, they can just scan the barcode on the product and find out if a particular colour and size is in stock. If it is, the app can even tell them where the item is displayed.

    This drastically reduces shopping cart abandonment, which costs retailers a sizeable amount every year. It also builds your clientele and boosts your reputation as a reliable retailer who takes interest in the customer’s needs.

  3. The Power Of mPOS

    mPOS systems, or mobile point of sale systems are the easiest, and most convenient way to help both your customers and your staff. These easy-to-use, portable POS systems can be run on almost any mobile device, and use an app-based scanner for billing and checkout.

    They dramatically lower costs related to procuring and maintaining expensive and bulky hardware, and training staff to use them. This also lets you use your staff’s time more effectively as they are not anchored behind a desk or a computer. They can instead use their time to help you engage customers and sell more.

  4. Reducing Operational Costs

    Your business will benefit by not having to employ extra manpower and procuring expensive equipment to help you with various operations. You can streamline the entire shelf to billdesk process, while at the same time not having to spend even more on it.

  5. Making The World Safer

    iOS barcode scanner apps are huge storehouses of information and can be used to alert customers about products that may be linked to infection breakouts, and any health risks that a particular product may pose. You also get information about the country of origin, which can help consumers avoid products from countries where breakouts have been reported. This reduces the risk of someone falling sick after shopping at your store.

As you can see,iPhone barcode scanner apps like ShopSavvy and QuickScan are bringing about a massive change in the way we look at shopping. These apps are here to stay and help your customers as much as they help your business.

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