Transportation & Logistics

Travel & Transportation
Travel & Transportation
There is a considerable amount of business uncertainties for transportation and logistics enterprises today – be it fuel price fluctuations, increasing and changing partner landscape and ever demanding digital-age clients. As a result, there is constant pressure to optimize costs and increase profitability, while efficiently managing:
  • customized service offerings
  • internal and partner collaboration
  • customer relationship management
  • employee productivity
  • self-service concepts
  • technology and security landscape
TechTrendsIT, through its U-Combinators™ approach facilitates the transportation and logistics realm in streamlining operations, improving performance and delivering tangible business outcome. Through our Industry domain expertise reinforced by our years of successful solutions delivery, we provide the following value to our clients:


  • CRM and customer loyalty solutions
  • Self-service and partner collaboration solutions
  • Contract and billing management solutions
  • Quotations and order management solutions
  • Mobility and Cloud solutions for better customer engagement
  • Open source and custom applications suited for your special business needs
  • Social Media and Social RoI
  • Big Data, BI & Analytics

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