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Want to build enterprise apps faster?

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With the world around us going increasingly mobile and the rapid adoption of smart phones continues to grow in the enterprise sector, mobile apps offer a great opportunity to engage with users and even improve workflow productivity. Most companies are not just stopping at the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend which is changing the company’s equation with its employees and clients but embracing the Bring Your Own Application (BYOA) trend.

However, what’s critical for organizations today is to understand how to build a successful mobile app strategy. With enterprises looking for opportunities to increase revenue and market share, a mobile strategy has become the go-to mantra for addressing productivity and boosting the bottom line. That’s why creating a robust mobile app strategy is the most challenging and effective way to embrace “everything mobile” concept and the reach the largest audience base.

But mobility in business is not just dependent on building apps that matter to end-users or employees, but also executing a mobile app strategy that meets the requirement of rapid development and a successful adoption across the enterprise. Through our unique Enterprise Mobility Accelerator strategy, we reduce downtime and deliver business critical apps that add value.

The app economy requires a new app delivery approach. Simply choosing a choosing a scalable mobile app technology for building cross-platform native apps is not enough. You also have to find the right architecture that facilitates creation of enterprise apps which will enable accessing data from back end and cloud based servers as well.

Using our Enterprise Mobility Accelerator strategy, organizations can benefit from:

  • Accelerated app development
  • Cloud based collaborative web designer supporting distributed development
  • Enterprise integration across popular databases, ERPs, middleware, authentication services and mobile payment gateways
  • Cross platform multi channel support
  • Complimenting native development tools
  • Deployment flexibility across apple and google app stores, enterprise app stores via MAM and MDM

You can use our tailor made Enterprise Mobility Accelerator for development efficiency, automating complex workflows and building apps in the cloud. Our SDKs and APIs not just allow seamless integration with back office data they also keep your business agile.

Companies across the world have had their apps built faster at low cost with our flexible and scalable Enterprise Mobility Accelerator platform. Get the most demanding of application built at unparalleled speed at TechTrendsIT.

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