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Why Should Your Company Implement Mobile BI?


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Mobile BI, or mobile business intelligence refers to any way you give your workforce access to data analysis tools, data, and business intelligence through their mobile phones.
Reading through, you’ll understand why you should implement it in your company as soon as possible.

Your Workforce Will Have Access To Real-Time Data
Allowing your workforce to have access to real-time data holds many benefits. It gives you an edge over your competitors, for one. It also helps your business take advantage of the opportunities that you may have never envisaged in a different situation.
In order to better understand this advantage, consider this example:
Say you run an ecommerce website. On a Friday night—when you’re out with friends, far away from the office—you get news that your site has been backlinked to by a major blog. Now, the blog’s readers are going crazy on your site. However, they’re only interested in one of your products.
If you didn’t have access to mobile BI, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed that this happened until Monday morning. And by Monday morning, the traffic on your site would have died down by quite a bit.
Since you do have access to mobile BI (in the hypothetical situation) though, you’re receiving real-time alerts about your site’s traffic on Friday night itself. This means that you can make some quick (but extremely important changes) to capitalise on your new viewers.
You can make the product they’re interested in a featured item on your homepage, for example.

Implementing A Mobile BI Strategy Opens Up The Path To Better Interactivity
It’s important to understand that mobile BI isn’t just about data access from anywhere. Rather, it’s about the visualisation and manipulation of data.
A proper mobile BI strategy will give members of your team the freedom to work from any location, and at any time.
Say a new theory about your company’s marketing strategy occurs to you at midnight, for example. You can pick up your smartphone and retrieve relevant data from mobile BI software. You can then use that same software to arrange your newly-found data in a variety of ways (think graphs, charts, and cool-looking data tables) until you’re satisfied.

It Can Fit Into Most Budget Plans
Although creating a mobile BI app for your business might sound expensive, it doesn’t always have to be. When it comes to software development for mobile BI solutions, there are three popular tiers, and each comes with its own price points.
The cheapest option is a mobile browser BI app, which isn’t really an app. It’s merely a webpage that has data analytics features that employees can manipulate via their mobile phones.
After that, there’s a device-customised mobile browser app. This may include iPhone-specific controls, but still doesn’t require developing an entirely different app. The most effective (and most expensive) option is a fully-customised mobile client app that will be built from scratch to specifically suit your business.
It’s clear that mobile BI is an extremely effective solution. It’s also affordable, and can greatly enhance your company’s performance.

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