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Why There’s A Growing Demand For Mobile Phone App Development


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When it comes to software development for mobile BI (mobile business intelligence), two types of clients generally turn up. The first client type needs to develop resource-intensive, complex applications, while the second tends to want simple apps that have an adaptive interface.

Regardless of the type of app, there’s been an undeniable increase in demand for mobile app development.

Easiness And Accessibility

A large part of why mobile app demand is increasing is that many companies are looking for easy-to-use, simpe apps. Additionally, those that have already developed apps find that other companies also make build similar mobile apps. They are thus driven to compete with rivals, which leads them to develop apps that give them a tactical edge.

It’s also crucial to be the first business to provide the most economical mobile solution to consumers, especially in a highly competitive mobile market. To the app developer, all this simply means—more demand.

Backing Up The Facts

The idea that the demand for mobile app development is rising isn’t an assumption drawn without basis. There’s a lot of research to back up the claim that mobile phone app development in the market is increasing on a daily basis.

Red Hat—one of the world’s leading companies in the open solutions sector—recently conducted a survey to study this very issue. They found that an astounding 50% of businesses today have an urgent need for mobile development specialists. Among the businesses looked at in the study, native app developers weren’t very high in terms of demand. The results suggest that back-end integration specialists and front-end web developers are the ones who handle a large part of mobile development tasks nowadays.

Additionally, recent research conducted by Gartner—an American research and advice firm—also suggests that companies are becoming increasingly interested in the field of mobile development. In fact, the study estimated that the demand for mobile apps is likely to grow approximately five times faster in comparison to the employees of software companies that develop these apps by the end of 2017.

Mobile BI is a highly effective tool for growing companies and businesses. It’s clear that the need for an app that aids in providing mobile BI has grown, and continues to grow. If your company hasn’t set any targets for software development in the mobile business intelligence sector, maybe it’s time for a change!

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