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Your Business Can’t Grow Without an App. Here’s why.


Businesses and services are almost compulsively looked for on mobile by today’s customer. Think this is a claim made in vain? Over 65% of American cell phone users own smartphones that run applications on them. More than 68% of all email activity is done on phone and tablet in the modern USA. This means that the modern day buyer is consistently approaching their phone or mobile device as their one stop shop for purchasing services or products. Add to this how convenient phones are, one can easily assume that more than 90% of a consumer’s time is spent using applications for popular products and services.

This is a significant reason for businesses to approach mobile app development companies and build an app for their needs. From banks to clothing store owners to restaurants, the app can help bring in customer loyalty, interactivity and an easier method of promotion for marketers. For example, almost 97% of all promotional push notifications are acted upon by customers who use mobile applications as opposed to only 4% of promotional emails that are ever read or clicked through.

The world of mobile app development though is hard to gauge. First, comes the prohibitive mobile app development cost. This can be a significant factor in understanding why certain businesses hesitate in adopting this. The mobile app development cost is usually inclusive of the app developers’ cost and the services provided by the company in terms of support and more. A number of top app development companies basically look for app developers for hire and get their services for a fraction of the price that they charge a business.

This is a problem that can be addressed by having a trustworthy app developer for hire but for individual projects that require customization, app developers’ cost may be too high for smaller businesses to bear. This is because of the number of man hours that the person needs to put in a rise in a system where the employers and the executor have to consistently work to eradicate small issues. Mobile app development companies, on the other hand, have various degrees of quality control and checking to ensure there are no issues which is a definite advantage in terms of delivery.

For a business, the most important thing, other than the app developers’ cost or the mobile app development cost is the importance people will put into designing their app. A mobile app design company provides robust design solutions but may not be as technologically sound as some top mobile application development companies in the world. To get the best bang for your buck, it is therefore better to go with someone who has a workforce that incorporates all the skills mentioned above with a keen business sense.

For a number of top mobile application development companies< in the world, it is a matter of only having a presence in a certain area to understand how business there works. With great business executives, a tech delivery team that can be on-call for projects all 24 hours a day and expertise coming in from every region in the world, executing mobile applications for small business is not a hard task. The fact that they have a workforce that is retained also helps in keeping mobile app development cost lower than normal. The most significantly helpful thing is they have global expertise from industry leaders across the globe – Germany, Japan, Australia and South America are just some of the regions they can tap for a deeper understanding of technology and user experience in a way that empowers your business.

Give your business the top advantage by reaching out to such top mobile application development companies in the world. TechTrends IT is one of them and has a presence in over 11 countries, providing the best global and local solutions for these areas.

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