Our Approach

Approaching Innovation

4-Steps To Fine Tune Product Realizations

How do we approach innovation in the era of the customer? TechTrends answers this question with four steps that help to actively hypothesize and realize solutions to pertinent business challenges.


Eyeing The Solution As We Aim For Digital Transformation

Adopting a “Solution-First” mindset is the first waypoint to embrace a streamlined Digital Transformation, developing its underlying solutions and/or delivering associated services. Let’s explore how we’re bringing that to reality.


Imagining possibilities in BPA & RPA with an objective to realize these possibilities for client’s operational challenges.


AI and predictive analysis driven insights to precede any mission-critical decisions for better business value.


Be it migration-readiness or cloud-native developments – we’re streamlining every action plan.


Redefining CX by identifying user journey, highlighting interactions, and re-imagining them with capable UI design.


3 On 3 – The Innovation Square

A 3 On 3 Innovation square that connects People , Technology and Processes under the umbrella of its three tenets – Diverse Expertise, Adaptability to Change and offering of Unified Experiences.

The Innovation Square is an abstract zone with 3 steps to approach innovation


Discovering the problem/pain points & designing the solution idea and framework

Analysis of the problem with possible solution implementation and sharing the possible outcomes with the team

Engineering a solution to Influence customer experiences and competition

The 3 steps are supported by three individuals – Designer, Analyst, and Engineer, with each working individually and collaboratively.

ACCELERATE – The 90 Days Streak

Fast Yet Fortified Development Footsteps

Engineer the ideated solution to a reality with a 90 days development streak. The object is to develop a Minimum Viable Product – one that can address the main business challenge, and can be personalized at a later stage for contextual implementations.

We follow a distributed agile software development model to rapidly prototype a product

Early validations and iterative developments help in enhancing product reliability and reduces time of UAT

All of these are achieved within 90 days with a collaborative working model between distributed teams


Serve On The Solution

The MVP is a process that’s half-done with the product ready to address client problem at the basics. To customize the product and augment offerings, we provide our wide range of development and support services.

We structure quick-availability teams that work in an iterative mode to customize the product and suit it to match unique needs of the project requirement.