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TechTrends’ “AMDECA” approach plays a vital role in the rapid and efficient development of an application. Fast mover is the key requirement in today’s highly competitive markets. We give it justice by building a lean, robust MVP, quickly combining data, mobile and elastic infrastructure that creates a viral effect for your ideas with your customers.

Services Scope

TechTrends Array Of Offerings


Application Lifecyle

TechTrends offers a full suite of application services with a principal aim to optimize IT with cost savings in Development, Maintenance, Operating and assist throughout, from concept to transformation.


We build core applications backed by architecture strategy – design, user engineering and versatile development expertise.


We help clients achieve IT goals by reducing outages, improving performance and consistently aligning with Business Needs.


We ensure quality right from ideation with end-to-end agile testing backed with DevOps methodology, delivering top-notch QE through functional testing, test management & automation.



We focus on delivering the right experience to the right device with human-centric design, SMART -stack tech and pre-built architectural components to accelerate the digital journey.

Digital Solution Development

Our revolutionary solutions deliver rapid visualization, multi-web platform approach, IoT solutions and Prefabricated components.

Digital QA and Management

TechTrends omnichannel Digital quality assurance services bring a paradigm shift with seamless QA on/off the cloud with proper compliance, provisioning and CMS(MAM, MDM, MCM).


Customer Experience

We help to deliver exceptional end-customer experiences through design, engineering and cognitive technologies consistently and deliver to make it their competitive advantage.

CX Design

Transforming vision into reality with optimized design, prototypes, proofs of concept, and design systems rooted in customer data and customer journey analysis.

CX Engineering

We deliver and secure experiences with next-generation web, mobile, responsive, CMS, and digital platform expertise.

Cognitive-Immersive Technologies

Enhancing customer engagement with Virtual Assistants built on advanced technologies such as Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing(NLP), AR, Spatial Computing and other AI tech.



We break the silos by providing end-to-end enterprise-level automation with AI/ML, delivering an unmatched end-user experience that goes beyond cost optimization.

Robotic Process Automation

With our UIPath partnership, we help to automate repetitive processes and streamline operations, ensuring the largest automation footprint in the industry with the fastest ROI. We offer rapid deployment, easy integration and enterprise-grade security.

Intelligent Automation(Full-Stack)

We leverage Appian, the combination of AI and automation to achieve agility, RPA and optimized customer experience.

Conversational Experiences

We are proficient in designing applications that build great conversational experiences and enterprise efficiency product, including bots, Conversational AI, Digital Avatars, Contact Centres, Role-based AR/VR solutions.


Cloudification, API and Microservices

Legacy architecture to next-gent technologies, we assist in implementing cloud technologies with consulting, migration and managed services building a balanced cloud-led ecosystem.


We enable the cloud journey, ensuring a transformation continuum.

Integration & API

We help excel in the digital economy leveraging data with APIs through multi-cloud connectivity across applications.

Cloud-Native Development

We define an optimal business environment with independently deployable, lightweight, and agile cloud-native applications.


Data to Decisions

We help enable the transition into an insight-driven enterprise with scalable analytics for revenue enablement, operations automation, cost-efficiency optimization. Data2Decsions(D2D) approach includes Advisory and Consulting, BI, Big Data, Data Science, Analytics, Data Platforms.

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Agile And DevOps

Agile and DevOps have emerged as the defacto standard for enabling a quicker transformation, even as traditional software cycles struggle to keep up with the pace of change. As a leader in connected transformation, we have a long history of employing and evolving Agile as well as DevOps practices, even for our use. We understand what it takes to create a culture of agile within our customer organizations.

Service Scope

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