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 Next-gen campus and learning experience

Business Goals
Reimagine IT infrastructure to support nearly 40,000 students across 6 campuses:

  • Drive automation for process transformation.
  • Leverage AI and ML to eliminate human bias.
  • Deploy cloud-based student learning platforms.
  • Enhance IT application management and security.
Next-gen IT infrastructure and Managed Services, integrating physical infrastructure with digital technologies:

  • Datacenter for improved network efficiency, visibility and uptime.
  • Automation of end-to-end processes
    • Online student application, enrollment, education, library, alumni and examination services.
    • Digitized back-end across Finance, HR, Procurement.
  • Hospital information system to seamlessly support university hospital operations.
  • Secure, connected campus to attract and engage students.
  • AI and ML enabled unbiased academic delivery model.
  • Digital classroom instruction and online applications for superior learning outcomes.
  • Massive computing power to drive cutting-edge research.